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Paving Tile Chemicals


Durocrete is hyper plastisiser for concrete and mortar

USAGE : Durocrete is especially suitable for the production of concrete mixes which require high early strength development, powerful water reduction and excellent flowability.
Precast concrete, fast track concrete and self compacting concrete.

ADVANTGES : Through surface adsorption and sterical effects separating the binder particle the following properties are achieved:
1. Increase in the early strength development, resulting in very economic stripping times for precast and in site concrete.
2. Excellent plasticising effect, resulting in improved flowability, placing and compacting behaviour.
3. Powerful water reduction, resulting in high density, high strength and reduced permeability of water etc.
4. Durocrete does not contain chlorides or other ingredients, no corrosion of steel reinforcement. It is therefore suitable for reinforced concrete.

COLOUR : Light brownish, clear cloudy liquid
DOSAGE : 100 ml to 150 ml per bag cement
PACKING : 30 KG, 50 KG, 250 KG


Duroplast is a versatile and economical concrete super plastisiser and water proofing compound

USAGE : Duroplast is used in high quality structural concrete and its plasticising effect is very useful.
Designer Tile industry 400 ml per bag cement
For structural concrete 250 ml to 300 ml per bag cement.

• Reduced water without loss of workability
• Increased strength and durability
• Improved workability without increased water.
• Cement saving and economical
• Improved surface finish
• Early strength
• Reduced shrinkage and creep
• Chloride free does not attack reinforcement
• Up to 25% water reduction is possible

PACKING : 30 KG, 50 KG, 250 KG


Versatile economical concrete plasticizer and water proofing compound.
For paving tile industry 250 ml to 350 ml per bag cement.
For hollow blocks industry 400 ml to 500 ml per bag cement.
For pre cast elements produced 200 ml tom 300 ml per bag cement

• Reduced water without loss of workability
• Improved workability without increased water
• Increased strength and durability
• Improved surface finish
• Cement saving
• Up to 12% water reduc

PACKING : 30 KG, 50 KG, 250 KG


Fast setting agent of concrete compound in paving tile, hollow brick, solid brick, precast etc .
Very useful for paving tile production.
Less time interval for de moulding, fast setting.
1 to 1.5 KG for one bag of cement.


Duroslip is used in the de moulding agent for rubber mould of paving tile. Good releasing property of paving tile from the mold. Mould appears clean and new at every time.

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It is an eco friendly product and bio degradable.

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