• Carpet Backing Composites
  • Tufted Carpet Composites
  • Carpet Action Backing Composites

Carpet backing composite using Natural & synthetic latex

We are the leading suppliers of latex backing chemical composites using natural & synthetic latex on coir, jute, sisal, poly propylene mats.

Main advantages:

• It is in a ready to use form.
• Very less labour & less mixing time, get more production.
• Avoid the ball mill grinding, mixing etc.
• Excellent stability of latex compound enables continuous production in foam machine in one full shift.
• Maximum filler loading possible. (Whiting Powder)
• Good foaming, more coverage of backing.
• Good finishing.
• No wastage of chemicals & latex compounds.

Tufted Carpet Composites

We are developing and manufacturing tufted carpet composite using natural latex and coir.
It is an eco friendly product and bio degradable.

Carpet Action Backing Composites

We are manufacturing action backing composite for poly propylene mats.

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