• Utensil Cleaner Concentrate
  • Detergent Powder
  • Stain Remover
  • Liquid Hand Soap



Tough on Grease Soft on Hands, PH balanced, makes it skin friendly

Linol is ideal for stainless steel, crockery, glass and non- stick cookware and leaves no scratches or residue on utensils. Only Linol has the double power of lime and vinegar. Lime cleans out the toughest grease & burnt stains while vinegar removes the residual food odours. As a result you have sparkling dishes that are completely clean.

• USE in- Houses, Hotels, Hospitals, Workshops & also used in all common cleaning purposes.
• Packing- 5 Kg, 50 Kg HDPE Plastic carboys.
• for re packing purpose- bulk packing available.

Detergent powder

SAF DETERGENT has the innovative colour guard technology that keeps your clothes colours as new as ever, even after 40 washes. Thus it keeps your clothes sparkling clean plus prevents any colour loss from the clothes. That’s why its patrons have elevated it to the status of the No. 1 brand in the states it is present in market.

• Packing- 5 Kg, 50 Kg HDPE Plastic carboys.
• For re packing purpose- bulk packing available.

Stain Remover

Power cleaner Bath room and multi-surface

Power cleaner is your solution for a variety of cleaning needs be it tough stains or daily dirt. Its new powerful formula gives outstanding results on dirt, dust, water stains, soap marks and many more! Used in your mopping bucket, it gives a clean shine to floors all over home. To clean wash basins, window grill and pipes, bath tubs and showers, glass, plastic etc. To clean large surfaces like kitchen counter tops, ceramic floors and tiled surfaces. Excellent stain remover for tiles, stainless steel.(expect marble, granite, cement floors etc.)


Soft mild and excellent cleaning of hands. With special moisturisers to help nourish your soft skin.

Suitable for hotels, hospitals, houses etc
Packing 5 KG and 50 KG

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